The Who What and Why of The Legacy Album

The Music Legacy of Robert F. Brookins

10 years as Musical director/Co-Lead vocals with legendary Philip Bailey, Robert also had a very prosperous Hit song writing and producing career. Producing many hits for the likes of The Whispers, Bobby Brown, Jeffery Osborn, Jackie Jackson (J5), Prince, Kim Basinger, Nancy Wilson, George Duke, Stanley Clark, George Howard, Stephanie Mills, and a long list of other very notable grammy winning recording artists.

After long thought and reflection, the family who honors his musical Legacy with the RBMA (robert brookins music academy) decided a “Legacy” album/cd of some of his musical magic, would be a most fitting tribute for all that followed his musical career from beginning to end, before his untimely passing in 2009.

With contributions being sung by artists such as Michael Cooper (Con Funk Shun), Joe Leavey, Club Nouveau and a few other very closely selected choices. Over all production being watched and monitored by Grammy winning producer musician/writer, Derek (DOA) Allen, we the Brookins family, have total faith this will be a project for the old and many new music lovers of Robert F. Brookins.

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